Sunday, 14 September 2014

Biking in Europe

This has got to rank as one of our best trips. We travelled to the Italian Dolomites via France and Germany. There is no better way to travel

We spent our first night in a lovely hotel in Bavaria.
They served the beer in pot mugs !! My husband said it was gorgeous.

Our journey down to Italy through Austria was stunning - plenty of coffee stops on the way.
Who can resist a warm piece of apple strudel !!

The roads in Austria are just stunning - we went down the into Italy with over 50 hair pin bends and lots of goats on the way down too

Whilst in the Dolomites we had a day out to Lake Garda it was a roasting day luckily I had gone prepared with my bikini under my bike gear so I had a swim in the Lake
Lake Garda is an awesome sight and we will go back to that area for sure.
Plenty of food stops on the way this rates as my best Calzone to date
 and it was lovely having ride outs to little Italian villages - where you could just leave all your bike gear under the bike and enjoy the sunshine.

The holiday was fantastic we did about 2500 miles

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